Our New CD “Let Yourself Shine” Now Available on iTunes!

Sara O’Brien & the Community Rocks! Kids:

Inspirational and educational music written by kids, with kids and for kids ages 3-16 to inspire confidence, enhance literacy, motivate movement and celebrate self-expression. Sara inspires kids to work together to build community and strengthen self through music, art and exercise.

“Let Yourself Shine”

Sara O’Brien & the Community Rocks! Kids are proud to announce their brand new CD,
“Let Yourself Shine.” This CD is the group’s opus. showcasing Sara’s songwriting ability,
the local community kids telling their stories (with the help of Sara) and catchy songs
that teach life lessons. The tracklisting for “Let Yourself Shine” is as follows:

1)  Thankful
2)  Loose Tooth
3)  Love Makes the World Go ‘Round
4)  Let Yourself Shine!
5)  Vegetarian
6)  Love, Love, Love
7)  Together We Can Fly
8)  Taking Turns and Sharing
9)  Halloween
10)  Make My Day
11)  Rough Day

Listen and purchase at iTunes – click here! You can also purchase here.

Let Your Heart Sing! Let Your Soul Sparkle! Let Yourself Shine!