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Sponsor a Ukulele For a Child!

Sponsor a Ukulele for a child for only $30 or make a donation for $10! Click here to make someone’s day!

Thank You For 11 Years of LuLoo Love!

On November 1, 2017, Studio Luloo closed its doors in Oaklyn, NJ—but many new doors are opening. Stay tuned!

Our New CD “Let Yourself Shine” Now Available on iTunes!

Sara O’Brien & the Community Rocks! Kids: Inspirational and educational music written by kids, with kids and for kids ages 3-16 to inspire confidence, enhance literacy, motivate movement and celebrate self-expression. Sara inspires kids to work together to build community and strengthen self through music, art and exercise. “Let Yourself Shine” Sara O’Brien & the Community Rocks! Kids are proud to announce their brand new CD, “Let Yourself Shine.” This CD is the group’s opus. showcasing Sara’s songwriting ability, the local community kids telling their stories (with the help of Sara) and catchy songs that teach life lessons. The tracklisting for “Let Yourself Shine” is as follows: 1)  Thankful 2)  Loose Tooth 3)  Love Makes the World Go ‘Round 4)  Let Yourself Shine! 5)  Vegetarian 6)  Love, Love, Love 7)  Together We Can Fly 8)  Taking Turns and Sharing 9)  Halloween 10)  Make My Day 11)  Rough Day Listen and purchase at iTunes – click here! You can also purchase here. Let Your Heart Sing! Let Your Soul Sparkle! Let Yourself Shine!  

Support Community Rocks! with a Donation!

Here are all the awesome ways you can give thanks and give back to Community Rocks! Donate or buy a gift for a loved one from our “I Really Like NJ Store” CLICK HERE TO VISIT! Donate to our GoFundMe. Sponsor a child for our Camden outreach Saturday program or donate to help us set up our Martin Luther King Jr. Day learning camp and workshop! CLICK HERE TO DONATE TO OUR GO FUND ME!

MLK Day Camp for Kids and Day of Service!

We’d like to thank everyone for coming and participating in our 3rd Annual MLK Day of Service and Kids Camp! It was an awesome day and we were able to help so many people. We’ll have some pictures coming soon!

Check out our GoFundMe Campaign!

Support Community Rocks! Our Double Your Money campaign is over but we still need support! Head on over to our GoFundMe or the store tab on our website to help support Community Rocks! VISIT THIS LINK to donate to our GoFundMe or you can donate through the store tab! Watch our video!

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement Community Rocks is a non-profit organization that enhances literacy, self-expression and creativity through music, arts, & wellness programs. How do we do it? We promote self-expression, cross cultural education and environmental awareness with every event and program in which we become involved. Why do we do it? Because every community should ‘Rock’. By educating, strengthening and connecting communities through arts and wellness programs, partnerships and events….everyone wins. When people help people and communities help communities. Everyone wins. Children, Parents, Educators, Volunteers, Sponsors; we are all part of the community we live in. What happens at a Community Rocks Event? Whether leading an event or working with a partner, we promote self-expression, cross cultural education and environmental awareness with every event and program in which we become involved. What are the Community Rocks’ Events? Kid’s Programs 1. Arts & Music a. Community Rocks! Kids: Songs “by kids, for kids” Teaching literacy and confidence through songwriting & performance b. Teen Night * Tween Night * Kids Open Mic Night * Live Performances 2. Educational Workshops a. Anti-bullying, Literacy and Wellness workshops and assemblies in schools, libraries & community Spaces 3. Creative Afterschool Programs a. Singing, Songwriting, Recording * Kids  more >>


Sponsors & Partners

Coming Soon!

First Tuesdays Are Open Mic Nights at Studio LuLoo

Open Mic returns to Studio LuLoo and every donation made at the door goes directly to  Community Rocks! New Jersey! Music starts promptly at 7:30 Every First Tuesday Night @ 7:30pm. Open Mic Night @ Community Rocks! Perform music and poetry on the OPEN MIC with guitar in hand or be accompanied by our in-house musicians. All musicians and music types welcome. Drums, keyboard & guitar available for you to play. EVERY FIRST TUESDAY WE FEATURE a LOCAL or TOURING MUSICIAN @ 9pm *See Facebook/Studio LuLoo for Tuesday Night Featured Musicians, Artists & info on Upcoming Shows