Programs for Kids, Teens and Toddlers

Program Descriptions & Cost

Become a Community Rocks Kid
Join the BAND! Songs written by kids, with kids, for kids to inspire confidence, enhance literacy, motivate movement and celebrate self-expression.  Kids create & write lyrics, sing & record songs and work together to create rhythms and rhymes on the instruments and microphones. The Kids Band has monthly performance opportunities including Kids Open Mic nights and community festivals and are encouraged to participate in service and outreach projects.  Community Rocks!

Kids CREATIVE Band (4 years & up) TUESDAYS, 4-5:30pm:  Singing, Songwriting & Self-Expression.  This class includes Kids Yoga & Exercise, dancing, costumes, skits, and Recycled Art*.  The Self-Expression portion of the class is planned according to the themes of the day and songs the kids are creating.

Kids TOUR Band (7yrs & up) TUESDAYS, 5:30-6:45:  Kids learn microphone technique and how to set up a P.A. system for live shows. In addition, there is an equal emphasis on “behind the scenes” of the music business including; running the sound board, promoting shows and organizing events. Putting it all to the test, the TOUR band hosts the Kids Open Mic Nights throughout the year.  They set up, clean up, perform and are the “sound engineers” for the night.

The Kids TOUR Band requires an audition and interview.  Though talent is important, acceptance into the band has less to do with talent and more to do with enthusiasm and dedication. Lead by Sara O’Brien, the band “tours” to festivals and events throughout the tri-state area.  In addition to performing original songs and dances, the TOUR Band kids become involved in community service and outreach projects.

*Recycled Art The song Reduce! Reuse! Recycle! describes it best when the kids sing “use old stuff again.”  Recycled Art teaches kids to reduce waste, conserve resources and use our imaginations to transform trash into treasure. Community Rocks! uses reused, recycled and environmentally-friendly art supplies to create new and fabulous up-cycled art.


YOGA: Kids Yoga & Creative Movement

In addition to learning tradition yoga poses, kids become part of the “YOGA STORY” moving and stretching their bodies while creating a story of their adventures in musical, magical rainforest.  Kids will fly like fairies and superheroes, stand as tall trees, meet warriors, become the sunrise, jump in the rain and use their bodies to explore all of the animals of the forest.  Percussion instruments are played to represent rain and thunder, scarves are used to represent flowers and colors, and music is played on the guitar as the kids stretch and move through their adventure.  Typically, the “YOGA STORY” is modified to reflect various classroom environments, cultures and age groups being taught.

Core Flow Yoga

With a background in aerobics, kickbox, Pilates & spinning, Sara has developed a core & strength centered yoga practice to suite all levels, from the beginner to the hard-core athlete.  Sara’s yoga style is known as Core Flow Yoga, described as:  Sara O’Brien’s unique style of yoga uniting mind and body through stretch, balance, breath, core and upper body strengthening, movement and flow. This class encourages you to have a sense of humor as you let go of stress and anxiety and increase strength and flexibility.

Kids Open Mic Night 
and Parent’s Night Out, you can drop off!
Kids Open Mic Night & Parent’s Night Out is held the 2nd Friday of every month. it’s a night for kids of all ages to express themselves in front of a live audience. Kids can sing karaoke-style to classics or pop hits, jam their original tunes, recite poetry, play instruments, tell jokes, do an interpretive dance… anything goes! You don’t even have to perform. Kids are welcome to chill out on the couches or hang at the craft table. The studio is open to you and you’ll have the BEST NIGHT EVER!!!
Time: Kids Open Mic, 6:30-8:30pm
COST: $5 donation, $10 for drop-off (begins at 6pm)
COST INCLUDES: Pizza, drinks, arts & crafts
Proudly sponsored by Philly’s Phatties.

Todders Rock!
Music & Self-Expression for kids 5 & under

Every Tuesday, 10am at the Treehouse Coffee Shop
120 W. Merchant St., Audubon, NJ, 08106 * 856.547.3270
Drink coffee while your kids express themselves!
Join us every Tuesday morning as Sara O’Brien brings an interactive performance of live music and self-expression.  With shakers in hand, kids dance and sing along to old school nursery rhymes, family-friendly cover tunes and original songs written by Sara O’Brien & the Community Rocks! Kids.
ESPRESSO YOURSELF runs year-round and no registration is required, just drop in.  Sara is sometimes joined by the fabulous Roxanne Paul for double the fun! (Ms. Roxy also fills in when Sara is sick or out of town.)
Cost: $5

Music and Self-Expression for the entire family!
Join us for an interactive session of live music, instruments, costumes, crafts, exercise and art.
Bring your friends for the BEST PLAYDATE EVER!!!
Cost: $5/person (child or adult)